Council pledges to go green

Amanda Krehbiel, Assistant Website Editor

All council members but Nick Muir and Jason Karsky were present last night, seated behind their new Asus tablets.

More talk about the updates to Hank Overin Field took place, with Steve Lutt displaying the plans for Phase 1.

Phase 1 includes repairs to the grandstand, storage, backstop and restroom. The council decided that the reconstruction would be a wooden structure, and that the grandstand be covered.

According to Lutt, the field needs storage. A storage unit is to be built behind the Wayne/first base dugout and will house equipment, while having a space for the Wayne teams to huddle.

Lutt and the committee want to keep the “unique charm to our stadium that most don’t have,” by keeping the wooden look.

Phase 2 will most likely include upgrades to the chain-link fence and lighting, but no Phase 2 agendas have been explicitly stated.

The Rebuild Hank Committee’s scheduled discussions are open meetings, and take place each Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the Wayne Activities Center.

Sandy Brown, Chair of the Wayne Green Team, has been working with Wayne State College students for a Service-Learning project called the “Go Green Pledge,” which encourages community members to consciously make efforts to “go green.”

The college team has received over 60 pledges, including ones from men’s basketball coach Brian Dolan and President Curt Frye.

Each council member listed off what his or her “Go Green Pledge” is, including the use of reusable grocery bags, LED lightbulbs and reusable water bottles.

“It’s a nice partnership between Wayne State and the Green Team,” Brown said of the project. Recycling bins have been placed in town.

The two Green Teams will be sponsoring a drama/comedy movie called “Bag It.” Time, date and other information are yet to be announced.