Press box clear for renovation

Hanna Conrad, News Editor

In a country club outside of Lincoln last Thursday, the Nebraska State College System held a quick meeting to approve revisions to policies and other business items for the three colleges.

For Wayne State, the program statement for the press box project was accepted and approved. Board of Trustee member John Chaney said the presentation was good and the need for improvement was understood.

After complimenting the college for helping raise money for the project, President Curt Frye commented on structural issues to be addressed with the renovation.

“I’ll no longer need to bring an umbrella into the press box,” Frye said with a laugh.

A reallocation of contingency maintenance funds of $40,000 that was set aside for a hot water tank in Bowen will be used for electrical distribution in the Student Center. The need for fire alarms in the Center was found to be greater.

Director of Admissions Kevin Halle spoke on behalf of WSC about the Board of Trustees Scholarship and the Governor’s Opportunity Award.

“The challenge continues,” Halle said about higher education competitiveness in attracting students to the NSCS institutions.

He said these awards fully recognize academic achievement. They are important to attract students with high merits who are well-rounded and will bring a lot to the school.
The way to do this, he said, is with more money.

Halle also said students will be attracted to WSC if they are awarded sooner in the fall, so submission dates have changed.

During Chancellor Stan Carpenter’s report, a sixth meeting was proposed instead of five per year.

It will be at a time after legislature meets in April. A video meeting was proposed instead of meeting in person to save on driving. This decision will be made during the June meeting.

Only one of the Student Trustees was present at the meeting; the other two from the schools were gone traveling for school functions.

The three Student Trustees were awarded a plaque recognizing their service to the Board, and two will move on from their position. The new student trustees from Peru and Chadron were present and were acknowledged.

Matt Mullins, current Student Trustee for WSC, will continue in his position for another year.

The changes proposed by the Student Senates of the NSCS to policies 2700 and 5000, related to equal opportunity and anti-harassment, were approved for a final round. The phrases “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” will be included in the policies. Similar changes to policies 3020 and 5007 that address harassment and discrimination will also be made. The revisions will be effective July 1 of this year.

The next meeting will be at WSC on June 18-19.