Michael Carlson named temporary Chartwells director

Janet Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Coffeyville Community College, Rockhurst University, Simpson College—the list of colleges goes on, just like Michael G. Carlson’s coffee mug collection.

His most recent addition to this collection—Wayne State College.

“I probably have more mugs than my wife likes,” Carlson said.

Carlson has dedicated the past couple of years to Chartwells as a district support manager. His position requires him to move around constantly between Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.

For those who knew John Sinniger, they may be wondering why he is no longer WSCs director of dining (DOD).

Due to personal family reasons, Sinniger was relocated to another school, Winona State University. He is currently keeping his parents company until his wife joins him in the summer.

WSC and Chartwells are currently working together to find a new DOD. They immediately started their search and are working on it internally. If they are unable to find a replacement, then they’ll go national.

As a result, Chartwells has a group of district support managers who fill in for schools during a medical leave and/or replacement.

Carlson has been to several different schools in the last two years of working for Chartwells.

Since Feb. 20, he has made Wayne his temporary home.

“My experience here has been very welcoming, friendly and positive,” Carlson said.

He has several years of experience with the food industry. Prior to Chartwells, Carlson worked for a different food service company for seven years, and five years at a self-operating school.

He has been working with Production Manager, Kevin Maly, Marketing Manager, Mary French, Retail Manager, Lisa Holland and Catering Manager, Marcia Dorey.

“I like the management team Wayne State College has,” Carlson said. “They have stability and expertise, which makes my job more enjoyable.”

Carlson will more than likely make his longest stay at WSC. The position generally only lasts a couple weeks, but it appears that it may take the rest of the semester and possibly part of the summer to find the next WSC DOD.

In the meantime, Carlson makes himself comfortable in his Pile Hall guest room if he’s not busy at work, watching some of his favorite television shows on A& E such as Bates Motel, some reruns on MeTV, or sports on ESPN.

Carlson is becoming more passionate about basketball because his youngest son, Klint, is a redshirt freshman for the UNI Panthers.

His youngest daughter also decided to stay close to home and graduate from UNI.

Kyle, the oldest son, moved a few hours away with his immediate family to Des Moines, Iowa. And the oldest daughter who works for the Veterans administration with her husband moved the farthest, to St. Paul, Neb.

“Being away has made me more appreciative of my family and friends because I miss them,” Carlson said.

Although his kids have moved elsewhere, and Carlson moves around regularly, his wife Lori stays in their hometown Waverly, Iowa, working for Mary Kay. This gives her time to be a grandma, a mother and a wife.

“If you don’t miss them it means you didn’t leave something meaningful behind,” Carlson said.