Life with Lauren: When your cup runneth over


Lauren Deisley, Lifestyles Editor

Sorry gentlemen, but I have to take this column in a strange direction. But it’s okay, I’m not embarrassed. I’m going to talk about breasts.

Well, bras, to be more specific.

We all either know (or are) that one girl who’s “well endowed” in the chest area. It can literally be a pain in the neck to deal with, as I very well know. But the one problem I can sympathize with most is finding an over the shoulder holder that truly fits the boulders.

I’m sorry ladies, but Victoria has more than one Secret.

Any woman with a cup size above D (and that’s a real D, not the fudged Victoria’s Secret D-that’s-really-a-C) will know that finding a well-fitting bra in rural Nebraska is a nightmare. Short of going to a bigger city—perhaps Lincoln, Omaha or Sioux City—there really is no option for us chesty gals.

But whatever you do, do NOT order online, at least if you can help it. There are a few better ways around this problem.

The first step to making sure your girls are happy is to be properly measured, and you can actually do that yourself. There’s a woman on YouTube who has an amazing tutorial to get you on the right track. It’s called “Bra Fitting 101” by Caty135. Her tutorial is wonderful for getting a good baseline measurement, that way you can be closer to comfort.

A Huffington Post survey of more than 10,000 women showed that 64 percent were wearing the wrong bra size. What does that say for women here on campus?

Trust me when I say that wearing the wrong size bra is painful. I’ll admit right here that I wear a size 38 H. Damn, right?! But I used to squeeze into a DD (or a DDD if I was lucky enough to find one). Had I not been measured properly, I’d still be stuck in quad-boobed hell.

It isn’t shameful to be large-chested. Surprisingly enough, you can be a very “small” woman and wear a D. Band size is a big factor in cup size. When one goes up, the other often goes down. I have a relatively small band size for a woman with a large chest, while I know someone with a tiny band size who needs a large cup.

And here I am, comfortable talking about boobs. But why shouldn’t I be?

There should never be a stigma when it comes to body size, no matter how that applies. In fact, I should be as comfortable talking about my bra size as I am about my shoe size.

I’m comfortable with myself, but it took a long time to get here.

Now that I’ve found that comfort, and the right size to boot, I am able to make trips to Sioux City or Omaha to get new bras. I get mine every 4-6 months and I try to get two at once, that way I can switch them out. They wear out faster if you only have one good bra, trust me.

The store I swear by is Lane Bryant, but their in-store sizes stop at H or I, depending on which store you go to. So ladies, burn those ill-fitting bras and slip into something a little more comfortable.

You’ve earned it.