Rugby prepares for first spring action

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

The tradition continues.

The men and women’s rugby teams have been working hard this semester in practice. The first game is this Saturday in Mason City, Iowa.

“It’ll be exciting to see where we are compared to last year. Hopefully, we come out this season with a bang,” sophomore Katie Kirkpatrick said.

This is the team’s first game of the spring season, and it is normally faster paced than in the fall.

Coach Darrin Barner is focusing not only on the upcoming game, but he particularly showed interest in adding some new members to the roster.

The women are two-time defending national champions.

“The Wayne State women and men are both ranked in the top eight in the United States going into this semester. Anyone who is new and wants to join will automatically be on a nationally ranked team,” Barner said.

Barner not only mentioned how the current players were doing well, but also that any new players who want to join will be welcomed as part of the team.

“The team is open for any new players. The game is easy to learn. Anyone who wants to show their athleticism will shine in this program,” Barner said.

The rugby team meets twice a week, and if anyone is interested, text Barner at 402-316-0100 or email him at [email protected].