Overuse of social media outlets

As the use of social media sites skyrockets, it isn’t uncommon to see many users laying too much out for others to read. This new version of therapy has many uncomfortable.

Now this isn’t to say a person can’t ask for advice on the numerous social media outlets; this simply means there are many people pushing it too far.

Spewing personal problems onto the web, be it via Facebook or Twitter, causes unnecessary drama—something this world has enough of. Not only does this stir the pot when the pot is already rapidly boiling, it makes other site users extremely uncomfortable.

The average person uses social media as a way to communicate light-heartedly with others, so when they log on to see catty or depressing posts the feel like they’ve walked back into junior high all over again.

These media sites are not the place to discuss deep issues. While you may be comfortable sharing so openly, you should keep in mind there are many more people than just you who see these posts.

If you are going through something that calls for deep discussions, use a private message thread rather than an open post. This allows you to discuss said issues in privacy with people who are interested in and comfortable with such discussion.

Not many people appreciate seeing family drama flaring up, nor do they care to see constant “pity me” posts.

Not to mention, there are some who peruse the media sites for such posts, hoping to add their rude, inconsiderate comments. You’re better off using discretion and handling problems privately, than laying them out for the world to see.