One gym, two gym, three gym, Body by Design


Brenden Buskirk

Construction is set to be finished on March 1 at the Body by Design gym on Main Street.

Brenden Buskirk, Staff Writer

With the warm weather peeking around the corner, there is no better time to escape your winter hibernation and start getting back into prime shape.

Wayne, being the small community that it is, does not offer many options to get exercising and burn those love handles off.

However, there are gyms like the Providence Wellness Center and the Wayne Community Activity Center. Often times, the older generations of gym goers are not shooting to break a PB (personal best), but rather to exercise to maintain good health.

There have been numerous complaints from the long-time regulars at the activity center, who aren’t fond of waiting in line for their machine. They also don’t enjoy sharing weights with the heavy lifters and the distractions and complications that they bring.

The athletic weight room on campus is huge and beautiful. However, only athletes are granted access. Even former athletes are now completely banned from lifting in the weight room, a new rule implemented last year.

The rec is…the rec. Basketball and racquetball are always a good time, but getting a good, full workout proves to be quite a feat.

Nobody enjoys feeling rushed, or having someone else breathe down your neck, anxiously waiting their turn.

Starting March 1, there is a solution to the problem.

Easily accessible, located on the corner of 2nd and Main, there will be a new gym in town.

Body By Design.

Lined with Olympic lifting platforms (the only place in Wayne to have these), a thick indoor turf strip accompanied with a prowler (weight sled), Olympic rings, rowing machines, TRX bands and rope climbing.
There will be no shortage of possible workouts.

A large sauna will always be at your convenience. It’s spacious and welcoming, nothing like the two-person, lukewarm saunas in the rec locker rooms. The sauna is accompanied with fully furnished restrooms and showers.

For $35 a month.

While this may sound a bit pricey to some, there is no start-up cost and no cancellation fee. This would be a dream come true for the gym members in a big city.

Tim Fertig, the owner of Body By Design, is also the strength coach for the Wayne State College football and volleyball teams. He specializes in physical training and is a certified nutritionist.

“Not only am I available for private training sessions, even potential boot camps, but I am also happy to aid you in changing what type of food you’re putting into your system,” Fertig said.

An effective diet will give mind-blowing results. Many dieticians claim you don’t get abs in the weight room, you get them in the kitchen. Fertig is more than qualified to help you shed fat and feel healthy.

Anyone who is interested in being personally trained, has interest in becoming a member or has any inquiries regarding the gym, contact Fertig at 402-369-3033.

Good luck, and happy gains.