Laser set to stun

Melissa Norris, Staff Writer

Your vest vibrates to inform you you’ve been killed. Numerous times.

Or you find yourself the perfect cover and pick off the other team one by one.

Of course, with unlimited lives and unlimited kills, it doesn’t matter which laser tag player you are—as long as you are having fun.

S.A.B hosted a night of laser tag on Thursday in the Student Center. Students were divided into groups of five on five, but groups of three on three and four on four were allowed, too.

S.A.B advisor Sarah Gunion was happy with the turnout.

“I would have been happy if we had 100 people, but we’re almost there already and there’s still a huge line. We’ll be closer to 200 by the end.”

Those who went for the first time were surprised by how real and exciting it felt.

“It was an exciting, fun adventure with friends,” senior Ashley Sager said. “Because the vests vibrated, it made it feel more real—because it stunned me, it made me feel like it was actually happening.”

Conquering heroes, freshmen Destiny Best, Jacob Torres and Colton McCoy, felt the rush of their win against their selected opponents.

“We won 7,025 to like 25. We kicked butt,” Best said.

The dark Frey Conference suite was filled with inflated shapes to use as cover from laser attacks, strobe lights were set up around the room and upbeat dance music filled the space.

McCoy was most distracted by the flashing lights and the lasers.

“It was very bright. I was blinded more than once. I died 3 times,” McCoy said.

Laser tag isn’t offered often here in Wayne.

Perhaps that’s what brought the huge crowd and long lines. Some students waited half an hour to play the 24-minute game.

“It’s something different than we have been doing lately. We’re getting a lot of people who are playing multiple times,” Gunion said.

Gunion said the next big S.A.B event is the spring concert featuring Dustin Lynch on April 17.