Not giving up music


Dusty Leifert

Dusty Leifert (middle) stands with Nick Fuelling, Matt DiRito, Leigh Kakaty, Chachi Riot and Dave Grags of alternative rock band Pop Evil.

Tess Riecke, Staff Writer

Many students on campus love music and are constantly listened to. Whether it’s rap, pop, country or alternative, music can be heard around campus when windows are open and students are seen with headphones on.

But for freshman Dusty Leifert, music is more than just a hobby or background noise. To him, it is his whole life.

Dusty is studying music performance at Wayne State College.

His love of music came from his dad, who took him to his first concert called Rockfest. From then on, Dusty has actively pursued music in his life.

After trying percussion, Dusty’s music teacher convinced him to give the saxophone a try. Dusty continued to have a passion for the saxophone until high school, when his teacher, retired which devastated Dusty.

He made me feel useful,” Dusty said. “If I ever needed help with anything, I would always go to him.”

The new music teacher at his high school wasn’t as encouraging. Soon, playing the saxophone just became another chore to him, rather than a passion. Even though Dusty suffered a loss of inspiration, his current advisor at WSC has been very encouraging.

Here, Dusty was pushed to continue his love of music through the program and try to achieve his goals. Along with his advisor, Dusty’s mom has been encouraging and supportive of his dreams to pursue music.

One of Dusty’s goals is to be in a band with some of his friends. At the moment they are trying to get instruments and find their sound.

I would like to incorporate saxophone and maybe the trumpet. There is so much we can do with that,” Dusty said.

Until then, Dusty will continue to practice and learn from other bands.

Two years ago, Dusty was presented with the opportunity to work at a merchandise table at one of the Warped Tour locations in Bonner Springs, KS. The next year, Dusty went to the same Warped Tour location and helped out at a table again. Because of this, a manager talked to Dusty about working in May after school ends.

This time, he would be working for the full tour.

Dusty will not give up on his dreams to become a professional musician.

“I’ve given up on a lot of things, but I won’t give up on this,” Dusty said.