Behind the scenes of hosting a track meet

Melanie Alyea, Staff Writer

Over the weekend, the Wildcats hosted an indoor track meet, the first and last indoor WSC meet to be held this year.

“We usually host one college indoor and outdoor meet. The outdoor one is usually quite a bit bigger than the indoor, due to the fact that the indoor track is only 160 meters and many schools are choosing to race on only 200 meter tracks or bigger,” head coach Marlon Brink said.

Hosting an indoor track meet is a lot more work than some realize, and the coaching staff are the ones that handle almost all of the setting up needed for the events.

“It usually takes a few hours to prepare the competition areas for a meet, doing such things as setting up pits for pole vault, high jump, and long/triple jump, moving throwing rings/nets and many other little things,” Brink said. “Most people don’t realize this has to be done to be able to host a meet.

“I think our biggest home field advantage is just the fact that our kids feel comfortable and relaxed, which usually helps their confidence going into their events. Also, we usually have a good turnout of family and friends for our home meet, so that is an extra boost to their confidence levels.”