KWSC-TV renamed Cat Vision 6: ‘We’re always on the prowl’

Melissa Norris, Staff Writer

Last semester, students from a television workshop class were tasked with the job of rebranding their station from KWSC-TV to Cat Vision 6: “We’re always on the prowl.”

December broadcast communication graduate Natalie Barber was the general manager and she helped get the process started. Nathan Seaman, a senior and electronic media major, is general manager this semester.

“We have a new logo in the works, and we have worked on new catchphrases and mottos to work with our new branding of the station. Our first step was really agreeing on the new name,” Seaman said.

After talking with the media club and freshmen in her Intro to Mass Communications class, it became obvious to Maureen Carrigg, faculty advisor to the former KWSC-TV, that a lot of people don’t read the Wayne Stater, watch the campus TV station or listen to the 91.9 “The Cat” radio station.

Because of this, Barber and her classmates created a new logo and a new tagline.

WSC’s TV station had had its previous logo for eight years—it was time for a change.

“I think it’s good to change the station’s image every once in a while—that’s what commercial stations do. It’s an essential way for students to use their creativity to promote campus media,” Carigg said.

Debbie Hernandez, senior graphic design major, designed the new logo for Cat Vision.

This semester the class will do the rollout of the rebranded station.

At the end of March they are going to do a “Dorm Storm” to gain awareness for the campus media—not only for the television station, but the radio station and the Wayne Stater, as well. Apart from preparing for the “Dorm Storm,” the TV workshop class has other projects in the works.

“We are working on trying to produce our long running game show, ‘The Roommate Game.’ We are also working hard to produce a news program with information for college students. We are also being creative and working on producing skits and shorts as well,” Seaman said.