NSCS student senates meet with solid success

Hanna Conrad, News Editor

The Student Senates from Wayne, Peru and Chadron encountered success when their policy revision proposals were on the agenda for further consideration at the Nebraska State College System (NSCS) Board of Trustees meeting last Tuesday and Wednesday in Lincoln.

WSC Student Trustee Matt Mullins said everyone was positive with the advancement the policies have had within the Board. The changes will hopefully be considered for final adoption at the March meeting.

Mullins presented the changes during the November meeting, and he said the Board was impressed with the formality of the proposal. He said it was the first time the three schools supported a policy change together.

The initial proposal was to add to Policies 2700 (Equal Educational Opportunity) and 5000 (Equal Employment Opportunity).

The Board also later included Policies 3020 (Sexual Violence or Sex Harassment Reporting Policies and Procedures) and 5007 (Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy).

The changes will add the phrase “sexual orientation and gender identity” in the policies to protect individuals working and learning within the NSCS.

The policies initially protect students, employees and applicants from discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or age. Because the policy did not specifically state protection for “sexual orientation and gender identity,” discrimination such as termination or academic penalties may occur if not changed.

Other items discussed involving WSC include changing the allocation process of clubs to make it easier and quicker, construction projects on campus and the number of students involved in intramural sports.

Over 80 percent of male and almost 70 percent of female students are currently active.