3 steps to starting a new hobby

Hailey Walsh, Staff Writer

I have always been in awe of people with hobbies. I could never wrap my head around how they got started or even how they knew what they enjoyed doing. I always got the same advice, which was some version of, “You just have to try new things and see what sticks.” This is the exact advice I’m giving you today, only I’m breaking it down into 3 steps.  

The first step to starting a new hobby is to make a list of everything you’ve always wanted to try or really get into. WSC has over 100 clubs and organizations on campus, and I highly recommend checking those out. You can get into so many new hobbies from the clubs we have here on campus!  

Once you complete your list, pick out the ones that are attainable. We’re broke college students in Nebraska, so if you want to learn how to ski, you may have to hold on to that one for a later date.  

Once you have a few ideas, choose only one. Getting into a new hobby is already a challenge, which makes getting into multiple at once impractical. Choose the one that excites you and maybe even makes your heart flutter.  

The second step is to set the bar low. The best way to get into new habits is by taking the smallest steps. Let’s say the hobby you have your heart set on is knitting. Day one should be about making the trip to your closest Michaels and picking out supplies. Day two should consist of watching a simple YouTube tutorial and following along.  

Do not attempt a 27-step plan to work on your new hobby. Do not go into your new hobby convinced that you will work on it for an hour every day. Keep following simple tutorials until you have the basic idea and you’re proud of your work and what you have accomplished.  

The third step is to work it into your routine. Maybe knitting is the most enjoyable after your nighttime self-care routine. Instead of hopping into bed after brushing your teeth, plop onto a comfortable surface and whip out those knitting needles.  

Attempting a major adjustment to your everyday life can be difficult. This is why it is best to simply add a step to your already established daily routine.   

Once you have picked a hobby and established a routine, you are ready to reap the benefits. It’s important to remember that hobbies are supposed to be fun and sometimes even relaxing. Keep at your new hobby for as long as it brings you joy.  

If the excitement for your hobby fizzles out, go back to the drawing board and follow these 3 steps.