CLAWS to host leadership seminar

Jackson Kelley, News Writer

CLAWS or Civic Leadership at Wayne State will be hosting a leadership seminar at the State Nebraska Bank and Trust across from the Willow Bowl Jan. 26 and 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

Former Marine Sgt. Lance Jones and Sgt. Chapman Good who were both instructor of the year at the basic school will be speaking. They will be sharing insight on successful leadership communication and techniques approved by the United States Marine Corps.  

Sidney Truman lined up speakers and a venue for the leadership seminar.  

“We were talking in class about different ways to be a leader and different kinds of leaders,” Truman said. “CLAWS being Civic Leadership at Wayne State I thought of a way that we could build a better connection between the college and the community in a way that exemplifies leadership.” 

The leadership seminar is the first event CLAWS is holding since disbanding due to covid.  

Teresa Morales, associate professor in the communication arts department, is thrilled for the revitalization of CLAWS and leadership seminar.  

“What I’m really excited about is getting people excited about learning more about leadership the real kind of leadership,” Morales said. “Not just the lawyers and the doctors and that kind of thing but leadership on a verry personal basis within any field. This field that we are talking about just happens to be the military.” 

Sidney Truman joined CLAWS and became president because Morales encouraged her to join the club.  

“It started in our leadership class and she [Morales] explained what CLAWS was and how it worked in the past,” Truman said. “She wanted to start the club up again after COVID. After explaining it I thought it would be a good fit for me to take a leadership role.” 

CLAWS is not just for those of all majors and disciplines to learn about and become better leaders.  

“The focus right now, we are trying to revitalize CLAWS after a couple years of covid of nonactivity with students to try to find ways to get students actively and in their communities,” Morales said.  

CLAWS began after Morales’s leadership class met up with Leadership Wayne class put on by the Wayne Area of Economic Development center to travel to the state capital.  

“We had such a marvelous time and we learned so much from the activity,” Morales said. “The class wanted then to find a better way to connect the leaders at Wayne State College with the community and so we formed CLAWS.” 

For more information about the leadership seminar or CLAWS please contact President Sidney Truman at [email protected] or Vice President Jackson Kelley [email protected].