Getting to Know the WSC Disability Services Program

Kathryn Vlaanderen, News Editor

Disability Services is a program offered at Wayne State College to provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity for their college education.  

The program offers students with accommodations for disabilities that are physical impairments such as the need to use a wheelchair, or disabilities that are less physical such as intellectual disabilities like Dyslexia or ADHD.   

Those who believe they have a disability and want to have accommodation would need to contact disability services and register for accommodation. They would have to schedule a meeting with the coordinator to go over the appropriate accommodations. In addition, the students are obligated to provide legal documentation of their disability. 

When the program receives both the registration and documentation, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the process of setting up accommodations. The process for student activities may be long, but it serves the purpose of providing equal opportunity for academics and campus life.  

Throughout this semester, the Disability Services program has put time into itself to improve its interactions with the campus.   

“At Wayne State College ,the accommodation process involves collaboration between the student, the faculty and staff and the Disability service program,” according to the Rights and Requirements page on the Wayne State College website. The student has the responsibility to keep their accommodations on hand when they are applying each semester for accommodations and alternative exam accommodations. 

 According to the same WSC website for students’ rights, WSC can reject a request for accommodations if the student doesn’t provide the appropriate documents or it alters the program or activity in college.  

“If people have concerns or have dealt with Disability Services and felt like they got an inappropriate response, definitely go back to [the] Disability Services coordinator,” Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Alicia Dorcey McIntosh said. 

Even though this might feel like an unjust situation to some students, one of the paths to take in this situation is to meet with the WSC Disability Coordinator and report the situation so it can be fixed.  

“College is supposed to be a good experience for everybody and sometimes people need these services to make it a good experience,” WSC sophomore Lurye Baxa said. 

For many students, the element of finding out that they have a disability is a daunting task, especially if students don’t feel comfortable talking about their situation with someone. However, Disability Services offers alternatives that will help put students into contact with professional help. Disability Services is on campus to help provide students who need an equal opportunity to excel to their full potential as college students.