Feminine Hygiene Initiative Passed by Senate

Kristian Perez, News Writer

During their Nov. 21 meeting, the Student Senate passed an executive budget for the Feminine Hygiene Initiative, President Carter Ossian said the idea was at the forefront of Student Senate goals since the beginning of the year. 

Ossian gives credit to several of the Student Senate members, including Senator Kyle Jedlicka who is responsible for setting up the timeline that will allow this program to remain consistent Student Senate. Ossian also credited President Pro-Tempore Liz Blaser and Secretary Daisha Hoffman who are responsible for electing the products they plan to provide and budgeting to ensure they can distribute them as a campus-wide resource.  

Ossian gave his Presidential Announcements congratulating the student Government Committee, student clubs and organizations donating money for a spot on the Firepit Project. The goal is to raise funds for student scholarships for returning students. The Board of Trustees is going to be passing revisions on club and organization policy writing for on-campus entities.  

Senator Belle Vacek announced the campus PR and Tech is planning on hosting a Christmas Party on Dec. 5 with a white elephant, as well as an ugly sweater contest which is optional. Representative Ellie Varrucciv announced that a Winter Wonderland event will be held Dec. 1 in the Frey Conference Suite. 

The first resolution of the night approved Ossian’s appointment of Mary Helms to the WSC Student Senate for the School of Science, Health, and Criminal Justice. 

Next, Resolution 50 was approved for the spending of $561.54 from the Student Senate Allocation Budget for professional Student Senate quarter-zips, handout stress relievers and social materials.  

Resolution 55 allocates $1,200 from the Student Senate Executive Budget for the Feminine Hygiene Initiative. Ossian said after attending the yearly Student Senate conference they were able to learn more about how a similar program worked from Chadron State College’s Student Senate.  

“They have operated a similar program through their Student Senate for several years, proving that what they did was working, hence our interest,” Ossian said. “At its core, the Feminine Hygiene Initiative gives Student Senate an opportunity to provide a reliable, consistent, needed resource to the students at WSC going forward.” 

Ossian said because of Campus Public Relations and the Technology committee, a group that prioritizes student outreach, they will be able to provide for students’ needs.  

“We were able to provide baskets of reliable, high-quality feminine hygiene products in at least one public restroom in every building on campus such as academic buildings, residence halls, etc,” Ossian said. “QR codes which will provide feedback opportunities for students to notify Student Senate of dwindling or insufficient products, ideas for the program will also be provided along with notification signs outside of socked restrooms notifying students and visitors of the resources inside. Lastly, a monthly refilling process consisting of refilling/replacing baskets in need to ensure the program remains consistent for years to follow.” 

Ossian said they are excited to finally get this project off the ground and hopes it fulfills the needs of all students.  

“With what we have already accomplished, we have set up a reliable schedule to ensure the initiative’s consistency,” Ossian said. “We have also budgeted enough allocations to ensure we have enough baskets and products to contain a full launch as well as plenty of storage. If all goes well, we are hoping to roll out the initiative campus-wide at the beginning of the Spring semester.”