Latinos United Club Reactivating After a Few Years

Kristian Perez, News Writer

Latinos United is a club offered at Wayne State College, they host events for all students if you’re interested in attending, they meet on Mondays at 6pm in the Multicultural center in the Lower Gag. 

Alondra Castillo, member of the Latinos United club said this is her first year being a part of the club since reactivating the club. 

 “One day my friend and I were talking, and the topic of having a safe space for Latinos to meet up and create a community together got brought up, from there I messaged the Multicultural Center and was able to find people who wanted to take on leadership positions for the club, and now we are here!” Castillo said.  

Castillo said they are looking forward to hosting many events during the semester. The first club meeting was held on Oct. 3, where they had a small meet and greet. At the meeting, the members of the club were able to get to know one another and plan what they would like to see the club do in the future. During their first meeting, the Latinos United club celebrated the Day of the Dead as a newly reactivated club on the WSC campus.  

Castillo said, since they just reactivated the club, they want to start out simple, but the main goal for the club is to create a strong community. “Latinos are the largest group of minorities on campus, and we just now are starting up this club again as a safe space to connect and build relationships!  

Castillo said as a Latina it’s been kind of difficult for her to find a community of people who have the same culture and experiences as she did. Castill said, “I think we all need someone who relates to us in one way or another, I think this club is so important to me because, again, it’s creating that strong community of Latinos and allies!”  

Castillo said WSC students should join this club because it’s something that hasn’t been here for a while, She said, “I think it’s a great opportunity to meet and create new friendships, and since it is being reactivated, we have the chance to restart and make this club want ever we want to!”  

Destinee Wilkins, President of Latinos United, said she was not originally part of Latinos United but got involved with Latinos United because of the leadership position she just couldn’t pass up. “They were having troubles finding someone willing to take on the responsibility of being president of the Latinos United club, so I stepped in.” Wilkins said. 

Wilkins said they want as many students as possible to attend, “We plan to do a poll each semester to find the best time that fits most of our members.”  

Wilkins said she would like to see a sense of community among their members and more representation of Hispanic holidays, “It is important for everyone to feel a sense of home or connection at WSC and through Latinos United, hopefully, we can make that possible.” 

Wilkins said she makes it a personal mission to advocate for students of color on campus and to try and make them feel more comfortable, “I want them to feel comfortable and wanted, I feel that putting in the effort to create events for holidays they may celebrate or even bring cultural awareness to campus shows that someone cares.” 

Wilkins said, “I am a southern black girl who moved to the Midwest during middle school, I went from having students who looked like me and having similar experiences to being one out of five or even sometimes the only person of color at my school.” Wilkins said, “As a child, it was difficult for me to navigate how to make friends who do not have the same background or experiences as me, I want people to make a connection with at least one person on this campus.” Wilkins said.  

Wilkins said this club can offer new friends, cultural education, and fun, “I have always considered it to be exciting and interesting to experience other cultures that are different from my own and I think many people on this campus can benefit from that.”  

If anyone is interested in getting connected with Latinos United club at WSC feel free to reach out to Alondra Castillo, or Destinee Wilkins, by their WSC email for more information.