Student Activity Board Hosts “Adulting 101” Series

Brittney Palik, News Writer

The Student Activities Board hosted three “Adulting 101” courses over the past few weeks to teach important life skills to students at Wayne State College  

Professor Kelly Legler taught the three courses based off what she teaches students in her personal finance class. The three topics covered were insurance, budgeting and purchasing a car.  

“For insurance, what she covered was mostly definition and categories of things that go into insurance,” Student Activity Board Coordinator Quirina Nicolaas said. “She taught what types there are, when you need said types of insurance, how to navigate doing that, and shopping around for options, coverage and prices.”  

The second mini course was over budgeting, in which Legler used examples of class material to dive deeper into personal finance.  

“She went a little more in depth with how to do personal finance and brought out different balance sheets where she explained how to count your fixed expenses and variable expenses, and how that would factor into your budget,” Nicolaas said. “She talked about tax a bit but didn’t get too much into it.  

Legler offered extra credit to current personal finance students in her classes that attended the lectures. 

As coordinator for the Student Activity Board, Nicolaas oversaw getting lecture spaces booked, ordering snacks and refreshments for students attending and guiding students as they entered the event.  

“For me, I didn’t know there was a class on campus that taught us this, so I really wanted there to be a way for us to learn it outside of classes,” Nicolaas said.  

The Student Activity Board has several events coming up, with Burn Book Night being the one Nicolaas is most looking forward to.  

Burn Book Night will be Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. in the Niobrara room of the student center. At this event, students can relieve stress through writing in a burn journal and eating s’mores.  

Students interested in upcoming events can find posts on the board’s Instagram page @wscsab.