Fall Career Fair

Gage Dawson, News Writer

Wayne State College’s fall campus career fair will be hosted in the Frey Conference Suite on Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and will serve as a learning experience and opportunity for all students who attend. 

Molly McCoy, the career services coordinator who is setting up the event, said that all students should attend the career fair, as it can benefit anyone from freshman to seniors and nearly any major.  

“Obviously, you can get a job out of it, you can get an internship out of it, you can just learn about companies out of it, but I think it’s a great place, kind of a harm free place, for students to practice their skills and interacting with employers,” McCoy said.  

Students will have many opportunities to speak with over ninety different employers including the cities of Norfolk, Fremont, Omaha and Sioux City, construction companies, accounting companies, police departments and many more. A full list is provided on the WSC website.  

This will be McCoy’s first time hosting a career fair.  

“I’d say this year’s just about learning the ropes for me,” McCoy said. “It’s completely different than what we’ve done in the past because of Handshake and having implemented a new system.” 

McCoy explained that Handshake is a career management platform that career services provide for students which allows students and employers to make connections. 

“You look at a police department and immediately you think they’re recruiting our criminal justice and people to be police officers, but they also have to have somebody in their IT department running their computer systems…somebody in human resources…people probably in a marketing role and so on,” Jason Barelman, the director of career services on campus, said.  

Barelman points out the opportunities that are often overlooked but could be discovered at the career fair when talking with the many visiting companies and organizations.  

Barelman has been with WSC for thirty years and will be retiring in the spring, but she is still hopeful for the students and the opportunities they will find here.  

“This is probably the best time for students to find opportunities,” Barelman said. “If students aren’t finding opportunities it’s because they’re not looking.”