Disc Golf Team Gets New Renovations to Course


Lily Escalante

Disc Golf Club

Tucker Ashburn, News Writer

The Wayne State Disc Golf team is getting new renovations at its course this year.  

About $20,000 is going into renovations, including new baskets, tee-pads, tee-signs and a course map. These original pieces were put in when the course was first built in 2011. The funds were allocated by the WSC Student Senate. 

Miguel Barjas, the head of the disc golf team, was the individual who campaigned for the funds and created the group. After looking at the course, he said he decided it needed some renovations, not only for the school but for the community.  

Working with John Shwarte helped get plans in motion. Some things are built in and more renovations are to be added throughout the year. 

“It ultimately means the world to me to see this project get finished,” Barjas said. “I have poured every ounce of blood and sweat my body can conjure up to see this project underway. I haven’t been playing disc golf that long, maybe a year and a half, but I fell in love with it instantly. I haven’t had much to be passionate about in my life, but disc golf is something I am willing to say is my life now, my goal is to hopefully bring more attention to the sport here in the Midwest and throughout the country.” 

The group is happy that they are getting renovations, showing that the school has their back and that there is interest in the sport and can raise interest due to the improvements.  

I, and many others, saw the possibilities that this project would bring to our club but mainly to the community of Wayne,” Barjas said. 

The disc golf course is located on the north side of campus, in between the soccer/rugby field and the Campus Services building.