Dean Jacobs Preview

Jayde Teutsch, News Writer

Dean Jacobs will give a presentation about the importance of traveling on Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. in the Frey Conference Suite.  

The event is being presented by Gamma Theta Upsilon and the Honors Club. Jacobs will offer tips on how and why we need to continue exploring in today’s world. He will also promote his Seven Wonders of Humanity: dignity, respect, humility, curiosity, generosity, gratitude and kindness. 

Wayne State College often asks Jacobs to present since he is a WSC alumni. He earned a degree in biology with minors in earth science and art. He worked in the administration building after graduating as the Assistant to the President before leaving to find work at Purina Mills. Jacobs eventually began working at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals where he was worked in sales and marketing for 10 years.  

Jacobs’s lessons include letting go of the familiar to discover what is possible, moving past one’s fears to reach new heights and exploring the magic of curiosity. He also wants audiences to believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary acts, experience moments of the heart that change the world and learn lessons that pause life while understanding that humor is priceless. 

Audiences have described Jacobs’s talks as emotional stories that present stunning images and powerful experiences. He tries to take people on a journey that teaches challenging lessons but inspires them to live fully.  

WSC senior Adrian Osorio went to a talk Dean Jacobs presented at last year.  

“I thought his presentation was very vivid,” Osorio said. “He seemed like a very caring and engaging person which is always good. He painted a really good picture by bringing up topics that sometimes get swept under the rug.”  

Jacobs decided to leave corporate America behind in hopes of discovering his dreams and pursuing another path. This process began with a traveling adventure that spanned 22 and half months and covered 28 countries. Jacobs is still traveling and has visited over 50 countries around the globe since his journey began in 2001. His adventures are low budget and “propelled by a desire to understand the world we share.” 

Jacobs is also a Nebraskan native. According to his website, he was born in Wahoo and lived on a farm during his youth. Jacobs and his family then moved to Fremont when he was five. He believes growing up in the Midwest taught him how to appreciate the small things life has to offer.