Gary West, 45 Years of Helping Students

Kristian Perez, News Writer

Gary West is reaching 45 years of serving in the Wayne State College Student Health. 

Student Health is available for all WSC students who live on or off campus, they provide medical consultations and treatments for illnesses or injuries. Some health services include initial assessment, HIV/UTI/STD or pregnancy testing, allergy shots, annual flu shots, over-the-counter medication, as well as TB testing and Tetanus shots at minimal costs. 

West started working in Wayne in May of 1977.  

“I really enjoy the diversity the college students bring,” West said. “It’s an incredible variety that I am able to help through student health.” 

West always knew he wanted to work in the medical field but his love for medicine started all the way back in high school.  

“I knew I wanted to become a Physician’s Assistant my sophomore year of college,” West said. “My interest in medicine started in high school. I wasn’t a very good athlete, I came from a small town where sports were popular, but I just wasn’t good at sports, yet I wanted to be a part of something. I became a student manager which is where my interest in medicine really sparked.” 

West said he loves his job. On days when he needs to find motivation the most, he remembers why he started.  

“When I need motivation, just talking with my patients helps, knowing I’m helping someone,” West said. 

West said he didn’t necessarily see himself working in Student Health but he’s glad he is. 

“Working for the Wayne Student Health is something I fell into,” West said. “When I started in 1977 my supervisor was the one working for student health, he had me step into the role.” 

West said he has learned many things over the years he has worked in Student Health.  

“The number one thing I’ve learned is to expect the unexpected,” West said. “The second thing I’ve learned is there is a bright future for the young adults that I see.” 

West has enjoyed his job throughout the years. 

“I have really enjoyed doing Student Health,” West said. “We have had some great students. As I continue through Student Health, I’ve enjoyed it even more as the years go on.”