Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Tucker Ashburn, News Writer

Midwest winters are no joke. If a student is new to Nebraska or has a car to maintain, it needs to be taken care of. Doug Korth, owner of the Main Street Garage in Wayne has some advice for everyone.  

Students who live on campus and do not go home every weekend may leave their vehicle sitting for extended periods of time. It is a good idea to run the car for 30 minutes so that the battery can stay in good shape. In cold weather, the battery takes the most damage. 

Additionally, remain aware of the tire pressure and make sure the tires have good tread, especially in the winter. Be sure to check your coolant level and make sure it is always full. Coolant protects the engine from extreme heat and cold. Also, keep windshield wipers in good shape, and make sure there is adequate washer fluid to keep the windshield clean. 

There is still some time before winter comes, so take the time now to prepare. Test the battery. If the battery is getting old or having some issues now, get it tested or get it replaced before it becomes a bigger problem. Next, keep an ice scraper in the car. Ice will stick to the windshield, doors and mirrors, and can be a pain to remove.  

In the case of an accident, keep an emergency kit on hand that has all the necessary equipment. These include a blanket, jumper cables, handwarmers, etc. If the battery dies or an accident occurs while on the road, there may be a need to holdout until the car can get jumpstarted or someone comes to help. Staying warm is the main priority. 

 If someone does not feel comfortable driving in poor weather, it is best to call a trusted friend to drive instead. Check the road conditions before driving. To check the road conditions for road closures or other information on the roads, look online at or visit the 511 app. 

Car maintenance is important, especially in the brutal Nebraska winters. Be proactive and stay safe this winter.