Nick Swaney, New Women’s Golf Coach

Jackson Kelley, Sports Writer

Nick Swaney became Wayne State College’s head women’s golf coach after coaching for 12 years at Midland University.  

“You know I’ve been in Wayne a lot in my life for different opportunities, and I think it’s a nice area to be in,” Swayne said. “The biggest thing to me is just trying to figure out our Wayne State processes and get to know my team, How I can help them and push them to get better.”  

Swaney got the opportunity to coach at Midland a year after Dana College closed.  

“If you know much about Dana College, unfortunately the next year it closed due to financial issues,” Swaney said. “I had an opportunity to go over to Midland University and I was the head coach for the next 12 years after that.” 

Swaney was looking for a different challenge and that is been a big part in guiding him to WSC.  

“I was looking for a different challenge on the coaching side,” Swaney said. “Like I said, I’ve kind of been doing the same thing for the last 12 years with Midland and I was looking for a different challenge. I came up here to visit campus and interview and I was just impressed with what’s going on.” 

Swaney is getting adjusted to Wayne quite well but there are still things that are challenging for him.  

“Some of the biggest differences I’ve run into are just the state college side of what’s required vs. the private college side and what’s required,” Swaney said. “I feel like there’s a lot more opportunities here at Wayne State or our student athletes than I had back at Midland. That’s been a big drawing point for me.” 

Before coaching at Dana College and Midland University, Swaney grew up in Blair. He then went to college at University of Nebraska at Kearney. Swaney played golf at UNK and Dana College was close to home.  

“So, I played golf out at the University of Nebraska at Kearney during my college career and Dana College was in Blair which was my hometown,” Swaney said. “They were starting a men’s program in 2009 and I graduated in 2007 from Kearney. In 2009, they had started a men’s program, so I got the opportunity to be the first head coach at Dana College.”