A Pleasantly Twstd Evening

Gage Dawson, News Writer

Wayne State College will host “A Pleasantly Twstd Evening” with guest speaker, Vanessa Brasfield, a twitch streamer, to speak on game development, higher education and content creation online on Wednesday, Sept. 14. The event will take place at 6 p.m. in the Gardner Hall Auditorium.  

Online content is created by millions of people every day, whether it be about gaming, cooking, fashion, daily life, random occurrences, cars and music. Many people today make a living from the content they create and distribute on the internet. Content online comes in many forms including videos, livestreaming, and social media. 

Wayne State College decided to jump in on the action and offer help to their students by inviting a guest speaker to campus to speak about how she has made this into a career for herself. “A Pleasantly Twstd Evening” will serve as an insight to how students can better their content creation online and how to find their own brand,” said Edi Hernandez, the International and Multipurpose Program Coordinator. 

Through this event students will learn more about navigating higher education and new pursuits and, in Hernandez’s words, “[be] able to combine the two so they can grow, not just professionally, but personally as well.”  

The idea for the evening was sparked when Hernandez noticed that students were interested in content creation online, whether it be YouTube, Podcasting or Twitch streaming.  

Wanting to reach out to someone who could help students in their endeavors, Hernandez reached out to Vanessa Brasfield, a streamer who goes under the name of “Pleasantly Twstd” on Twitch, a streaming website and app.  

Brasfield has over 10 thousand followers on the site and is well known for playing role -playing games, puzzle games, and more. Brasfield also speaks on what she has learned from pursuing higher education, while also trying to make a career out of her streaming as well. She achieved a master’s degree in data analytics and discusses how she was able to chase these dreams simultaneously. She also talks about how this has helped her get to where she is now. 

Hernandez recommends students to come to have a good time and learn how they can take their content creation online to the next level. All students are welcome to attend the event, not just those who are in Esports or pursuing a major in computer programming.