IM Leagues Offer Seven New Fitness Programs

Josh Reynoso, News Writer

Wayne State College’s recreation center offers seven new fitness classes on IMLeagues at the start of the fall semester.  

With three years of experience in instructing these fitness programs, Angela Nuss leads the seven new programs to incorporate the equipment available to WSC students and staff.  

“Just providing the students with another outlet, to reduce stress. Those kinds of [programs] create behaviors that will last a lifetime, hopefully,” Angela said. 

Some new programs include a cycling course, yoga courses, buns and bellies and a kettlebells course. Both staff and students are welcomed to sign up using IMLeagues on the WSC recreation center website.  

These programs are scheduled up to two weeks out, so if students feel as though they do not enjoy the class, they are not obligated to attend the program for the whole fall semester.  

“It’s really the integration of technologies,” said Mike Barry, associate director of recreational activities, when asked about the latest programs. 

Part of this new integration includes new Fitness on Demand courses available at the recreational center. Both virtual and live instruction will be offered as a part of this program. Fitness on Demand classes are planning to be offered year-round, with the hope that students and staff will be able to schedule a time slot and work out. The room upstairs in the rec center has a large TV with several options for fitness programs.  

Along with these recent programs, WSC announced earlier this summer a $30 million addition and renovation project for the rec center. A part of these changes includes a large weightroom, an individual weightroom for the varsity athletes, an indoor air-supported structure with turf and areas for throwers. The project will not only bring in more prospective athletes but also generate revenue by allowing youth sport camps to be held there. 

“The biggest complaint is that we don’t have enough room in our student weightroom – so we’re gonna make it twice the size the one we have now,” said Barry. “Separating the athletics from recreational activities will allow there to be less traffic. People wanting to run track indoors to practice their varsity sport will no longer have to worry about the interruption in their workout by a stray basketball.” 

The new renovation project has three phases, starting with the indoor facility. Part of the renovation includes Rice Auditorium and the Kirk-Gardner Athletic complex.