International Club hosts dinner from across the globe

Kristian Perez, Staff Writer

Julien Tuast, vice president of the International Club, said being a part of a club like this means you get to know so many different people. 

“At my former college before I transferred, I was the president of the internarial club there and the international student representative in the student government,” Tuast said. “So, for me I have a history being a part of the international student community.” 

Tuast said this was her first year going and planning the international dinner. 

“Due to COVID, I didn’t get a chance to be a part of the prior international dinners,” Tuast said. 

Tuast said they had food from the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and more. 

“My favorite part would be the different types of food people brought, not just students but people from the Wayne Community as well,” Tuast said. 

“At first we had counted for about 56 people including club members, but we had a turnout of approximately 75 to 80 people that showed up,” Tuast said. 

Tuast said they have their biggest event in the spring semester, which is the international dinner, but there are a lot of events in the fall semester as well. 

“In the fall, we do an international dance where all students are invited,” Tuast said. “We have games nights with the club members and movie nights as well. we also collaborate with other clubs on campus.” 

Tuast said in the fall the International Club meets every other Wednesday and in the spring they meet every Wednesday. 

“We meet in the multicultural center at 6:00 p.m.,” Tuast said. “In the spring we meet every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. because we’re busy planning for the international dinner.” “This club is a good place to learn to socialize with people from other places that isn’t your own,” Tuast said. “We try to create friendships with one another that we hope will last well past out college years.” 

Larissa Cantu, president of the International Club, said her biggest interests have always been people from other countries, different cultures and languages. 

“I came to Wayne State College in 2018,” Cantu said. “I met so many international students, most of them were in the club, so I decided to join too. I started enjoying the club a lot so in 2019 I became the vice president, and in 2020 I became the president of the club.” 

Cantu said she has been involved in planning and going to international dinners. 

“I have been to the one in 2019 which I also helped organize as a vice president,” Cantu said. “This year was my first year organizing as a president.”  

Cantu said her favorite par is seeing all the members working together to make the international dinner happen. 

“Planning this event is definitely a lot of work, and something you have to go out of your comfort zone to do,” Cantu said. “It’s also awesome to see so many different dishes from different countries and how people from our community enjoy that.” 

Cantu said they had about 75-80 people attend the international dinner. 

“This year we had food from Curacao, Ethiopia, Brazil, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico and more,” Cantu said. 

“Some events the International Club puts on are game nights, field trips, country presentations and much more,” Cantu said. 

Cantu said people should join the International Club if they are looking to meet people, make friends and learn about different cultures and countries. 

“Our meetings are super casual, just like a group of friends talking, in our club we make everyone feel included,” Cantu said. “In the end, we’re just a large group of friends. It doesn’t matter if they’re International or American, you will definitely have fun.”