Work Study Program

Kristian Perez, Staff Writer

Korri Risinger, the financial aid specialist, said she used to be a work study student when she went to Wayne State College. 

“It was great to have a work study to work around your school schedule, when I went to college here,” Risinger said. “I studied Early Childhood Education and when I saw a job opening here, I was excited to take it.” 

Risinger said a work study is part of a student’s financial aid offer. 

“Students while in college work about 10 hours a week,” Risinger said. “It’s basically like a part time job, there are so many opportunities that come with a work study depending on your major.” 

Risinger said there are a wide range of work study jobs for all majors everywhere on campus. 

“Most work studies are in the library while there is also campus security, records and America Reads which is a popular one where they work in the local elementary school assisting teachers,” Risinger said. 

Risinger said on the FASFA there’s a question asking about a work study, there you either say yes, no, or maybe. 

“Once you answer yes, you should get information sent to your email from there explaining it more,” Risinger said. “If you said no on the FASFA but changed your mind just contact Financial Services and we will help you get involved.” 

Risinger said they offer the work study program for the fall and spring semesters but not during summer. 

“We awarded $3,000 dollars per student this year, next year we are going down to a $2,000 award because students don’t usually use the whole $3,000,” Risinger said. 

Risinger said a work study program is a great program, and it also looks good on your resume. 

“This is a great program with jobs related to each major, it’s always fun and very flexible with your school schedule,” Risinger said. “America Reads is the program that I help with the most and it looks really great on your resume.” 

Logan Bakula, a work study student, said she got involved in the work study program because it was offered on her financial aid package. 

“I thought it would be a great way to get involved on campus and have an on-campus job,” Bakula said 

Bakula said she works at the Conn Library at the circulation desk and her favorite part is all the people she met. 

“I also like being able to get to know the researchers like Charissa Loftis,” Bakula said. “She is a wonderful person with lots of knowledge and I have learned a lot from her in the short amount of time I’ve known her.” 

Bakula said she’s been involved in the work study program since my spring semester of freshman year. 

“I have learned lots at my work study position,” Bakula said. “One of the skills I have further developed while being at my job are my customer service skills.”  

“Another skill I have learned on the job is the Dewey Decimal System,” Bakula said. “This is a system in which the library categorizes its books, movies and other resources in the library.”