Hookup Culture

EDITOR’S NOTE: A WSC student wrote the following opinion piece and the editorial board agreed to have the student remain anonymous

WSC Student

Image from Canva

Here’s a little awful rant. To the readers out there who participate in hookup culture, I’m genuinely curious as to why and how you do it. What could you possibly gain from an unwanted situationship, probably an STD, and unsatisfied sex? 

 Now, in no way shape or form am I trying to humiliate or judge those who do take part in it. I myself have also been part of that situation. Really, it’s not even that fun and completely overrated. I am absolutely sick of it!  

 What is so wrong with wanting to be committed to someone who cares and respects you? What has our generation become where we created these talking phases, and situations that just stress us out and leave us in disappointment. What happened to love and real relationships? Hooking up has been so normalized it seems like everyone forgot what commitment was. 

 Hooking up won’t fill that emptiness you feel inside but leaves a deeper hole. Sleeping with someone will not make them stay no matter how many times you do it. For those who just do it because you want to, all power to you. What about those who actually want a deeper meaning behind a relationship and to build genuine intimacy. For those who feel like you need to participate in the culture, you absolutely do not. I would not recommend it… anymore. It can be extremely toxic and honestly, you’ll get a better bust with your own toy. 

 For those who might say that hooking up is empowering, it’s just for the college experience, or it’s not that deep. But it is! It is when people lead you on all because they just want a piece of your body. Your body is a temple. If you have something special and genuine with another person, keep them in your life! Stop stressing out and accept that they want to be there for you every step of the way. 

 Hook up culture is a scam. If you have been satisfied, I am so happy for you. For the majority who get nothing out of it, I am deeply sorry you were told it would be exhilarating. I get a better finish with my vibrator next to me than I will with another person. Not to mention, are you really finishing or just pretending? Ask yourself before you hook up with someone. Does this person value you as a person? Can you trust them with your body and outside as a person? 

 Anyways, I hope you are all practicing safe sex. Remember that Student Health does provide condoms, and that the Lower Gag has condoms you can purchase. You can set up appointments at Student Health to get free birth control. You’re already paying for it so take advantage of it while you can.