Science fiction convention “WillowCon” comes back to campus

Courtesy of WSC FAN Club Facebook

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Kristian Perez, Staff Writer

Wayne State College will be hosting WillowCon from March 25-27 and will be free to students, faculty and staff. 

“WillowCon is a science fiction convention; we have lots of fun actives along with fun discussions,” John Vuchetich, the president of Fan Club, said. “It’s a great place to continue your interest.” 

Vuchetich said Fan Club is a place that gives individuals a place to do what they love while meeting new people 

“Fan Club is really a place for people to do the fun nerdy things they enjoy with their friends,” Vuchetich said. 

“I personally joined the fan club because there were people that shared the same interested that I did, what made me want to join was meeting new people,” Vuchetich said 

Vuchetich said you can register on the WSC website, where there will also be a schedule of everyday. 

“Feel free to also just stop in and hang out, be sure to follow us on social media, Facebook is the best place,” Vuchetich said. 

Vuchetich said there will be a lot of different events, and games for everyone to enjoy what they want. 

“We will have a lot of board games, people painting miniature playing cards, and just hanging out, you will also have a chance to win a board game you could take home,” Vuchetich said. 

“Willow Con is going to be a great event, there will be something different every day, even if you could swing by for a few hours that would be great,” Vuchetich said. 

Alan Risor, the communications officer for Fan Club, said Willow Con is the spiritual successor to WillyCon, a sci-fi and fantasy convention. 

“WillyCon was the longest running sci-fi and fantasy convention in Northeast Nebraska,” Risor said. 

Risor said Fan Club is a group of a bunch of smaller clubs called FANdoms. 

“Our current FANdoms are Anime, Tabletop games, Magic the gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, YuGioh, Mini war gaming, and league of legends,” Risor said. 

Risor has been a part of Fan Club since the very beginning and loves sharing his passion for gaming. 

“I started the Mini War Gaming FANdoms because I had an interest in model painting and gaming, I wanted to be able to share that with everyone,” Risor said. 

“You can register for WillowCon at students, faculty, or staff can come for free otherwise it is $10 a day or $25 for the whole weekend,” Risor said. 

Risor said there are going to be many events and activities for everyone to enjoy. 

“Our guest of Honor is Christopher Mihm, a writer and director of 1950s drive-in style movies and we are showing two of his movies, we have a trivia contest called Last Geek Standing, a mini painting workshop, and so much more,” Risor said.