Encouraging Students to Become Tutors

Kristian Perez, Staff Writer

Kasey Summerer, an academic advisor in the Learning Center Department, says there are many benefits to becoming a tutor at the Holland Academic Success Center 

“Becoming a tutor helps develop your critical thinking skills with addressing students’ needs and future career options,” Summerer said. 

Summerer said becoming a tutor will enhance your skills for future careers 

“A lot of our tutors go into the teaching field so being a tutor gives them an idea of how to work with students to better their skills,” Summerer said 

“Being a tutor helps you gain a different view from the academic side of things,” Summerer said, “which helps you improve and inform other students about high education and what they can do to succeed.” 

Summerer said he notices that tutors have a higher chance at finding a job after college.  

“Lots of them land jobs fast and that’s because of good recommendations from our office,” Summerer said. 

Summerer said the Holland Academic Success Center is very flexible with working around student’s class schedules and work hours. 

“Generally, our tutors work 5-10 hours a week, the benefit is that we are very flexible in working with the student’s school schedule,” Summerer said. 

“Currently the pay is 11 an hour,” Summerer said. “Lots of times students think they could get a job working almost anywhere with that same pay or more, but the difference is tutoring is great for your future and this will translate to a higher salary in the long run because it looks great on your resume.”  

Summerer said to become a tutor one of the main traits you need is to be knowledgeable in what you want to tutor in. 

“While students need to be knowledgeable in what they tutor we also train our tutors to work outside of the subjects as well, tutors also need great people skills along with being kind and empathetic,” Summerer said. 

Summerer said applications will mainly stay open until they fill all positions needed. 

“The deadline is by the end of Spring break or until we have all the tutors we need and find a quality person that would be a great fit,” Summerer said 

“You should become a tutor because of the skills you learn, it’s also really rewarding seeing students have a breakthrough knowing you make a difference in students’ careers is awesome,” Summerer said. 

Shawn Smith, office assistant in the Learning Center Department, said being a tutor shows your communication skills 

“Being a tutor not only shows your communication skills but also grows it with a wide range of different students you get to see,” Smith said. 

“To become a tutor, you need to be kind and patient with the students, knowing where they need help and being able to help them,” Smith said 

Smith said lots of students depend on having the Holland Academic Success Center tutors for their classes. 

“There are a lot of students that say they would not have passed their classes if it wasn’t for having the opportunity of going to a tutor,” Smith said 

“All majors are encouraged to apply but we are needing spots filled in math, science, and education,” Smith said.