Four WSC student films compete at BisonBison Film Festival


Grace Hunke, Staff Writer

Four of Wayne State College’s student-made films made it into the BisonBison Film Festival, a collegiate national festival.  

Mike White, the film professor at WSC, is very excited for his students. The students have been working on these films throughout this school year and some of last year. With COVID in 2020 and into 2021, the festival is allowing students to also put in work from the previous school year.  

This festival is for college students only.  

“The only people that can enter are students in technical school, undergraduate or the graduate level,” White said.  

The students submit the films online and pay their own entry fee. The films are then judged and chosen for the festival. There are three winners, and each of them receive $1,000. White said that if one of our students win, they get the money directly.  

Only 13 films make it into the festival and WSC filled four of those spots. White said it is a very competitive festival and not easy to get a film in, much less four.  

One film that White thinks will do very well is “The Red String of Fate.”  

“This film is about how your love is tethered to you by a red string and how these two men come to realized they are tethered together,” White said.  

“The Red String of Fate” is in the final screening before the award show, a good sign. This film was written by Griffin Presnell and directed by Presnell and Ally Boyd.  

Another film that made it is, “The Letter.” This film was created by Ally Boyd.  

“The film is about how this girl’s father passes away and then she finds letters and poems from him,” Boyd said. “And it just about that process.” 

The other two films that were selected were “Sigmund and Dora” written and directed by Shelby Hagerdon and “Something Lost” written by Sean Dunn and directed by Justis Hoffart and Boyd.  

White and his students plan on going to the festival which is held in Arkansas City, Kansas. During the festival, they also have workshops and training with professionals which the students can partake in.