Ring in the new year with a resolution

Put your best foot forward and take the first step towards a brand new you


Tess Riecke, Staff Writer

“New year, new me” was strewn across social media as the world rang in the new year. While there are a variety of resolutions that someone can pick from, a common theme seems to be getting healthier.

Getting healthy can mean a myriad of different things. Eating a more balanced diet, working out, losing weight, reducing the amount of alcohol consumption or quitting drug use are some examples.

I personally have made it my resolution to eat healthier and exercise more consistently. For some, the idea of changing your diet or day-to-day habits seems daunting and downright terrifying.

But nothing is more important than taking that first step.

The first step to eating healthier isn’t to completely cut out all junk food but to slowly decrease the amount while gradually increasing the amount of healthy foods. I love crunchy foods and savory flavors so naturally, I love chips. If I could have one junk food for the rest of my life, it would be chips.

Instead of eating chips, I have replaced them with almonds which are both crunchy and very healthy.Almonds are high in fats that are necessary to a healthy diet and brain function.

When in the upper gag, add a salad with light dressing and fruit to your meal. Make sure you are drinking water or milk with your meals as often as you can.

Working out can be a scary task if you’re not used to it. First and foremost, if you are taking the time out of your day to become healthier, then you are doing exactly the right thing.
Don’t be nervous about getting sweaty or how other people view you. There is nothing I hate more than seeing regular gym-goers judging others who are just starting to work out. Everyone was a beginner at one point and has to start somewhere. Do not be scared off because of some rude people.

Now that I have covered that, the next important task is to find out what you like and what your body can take. Know your limitations. I know I can’t run for very long because I have a bad hip, so I found other ways to get my cardio in.

You also need to challenge yourself. If you do the same workout everyday without changing the degree of difficulty, then you are going to get stuck in a rut and not see big results.

For example, start with 50 sit ups and gradually increase the number during the week. There is a fine line between under-exertion and over-exertion. Find your line.

As for drug usage and alcohol consumption, seeing a doctor or a counselor will be best for your health. They can give you advice on the best ways to quit as well as possible medications or treatments help to end addiction.

Stick with your resolution, whatever it may be. I find it best to surround myself with people who will encourage me to keep up with my goals. Good luck with the start of the semester and the new year.