Finish the Lyric Bingo

Maddie Genoways, News Writer

SAB will be hosting “Finish the Lyric” Bingo Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 6 p.m. in the Frey Conference Suite. 

Players will be given a card with excerpts of memorable song lyrics on each space. Songs genres will range from Disney music to tunes of the 90s and more. During each turn, music will play and be stopped in time for players to guess the next lyrics.  

Alexis Watters, the event organizer, is enthusiastic about the event and believes the selected music will be familiar to all players.  

There are a ton of different words on each bingo card and you have to know the lyrics to be able to mark the card,” said Watters. “Songs that everyone knows and love will be in the bingo…I think they will speak to anyone who loves listening to music” 

Watters doesn’t want to give too much away in terms of what prizes will be given out to winners.  

“We have a ton of prizes that people have to wait until [the twenty-second] to see,” said Watters.  

However, the prize for a fully filled-out card, or a “blackout”, will be a vinyl record of the musical “Hamilton”, along with a vinyl record player.