Club Spotlight: Delight

Kristian Perez, News Writer

Hailey Bellows, team director and Delight dates coordinator, and Abbie Bloom, worship leader, shares their passion about spreading the word of God to young women in Wayne. 

“Delight’s mission is inviting college woman into Christ centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories,” Bellows said. 

Bellows’s hardest part about starting this club on campus was not feeling equipped enough to be a director 

“Trying to figure out how to run a club on campus was a challenge, at the beginning of the year we were supposed to be running the club with seven leaders but only had three, we saw God through it all,” Bellows said. 

“Although we have already had the beginning of semester kickoff, we meet Monday’s at 7pm in the Frey conference room,” Bellows said.  

Bellows’s biggest goal for delight is to support all girls in Christ. 

“One of our biggest goals for Delight is spreading the word of Christ and supporting girls on campus, we’re really big on making all girls feel welcomed,” Bellows said. 

Bellows said Delight meetings always start off with snacks and later thy breakout into small groups. 

“A Delight meeting consists of gathering together and having snacks at the beginning,” Bellows said. “We do a little game to get everyone involved and then we break off into small groups where we ask highs and lows of their weeks. The meetings end with everyone gathering together again for a time of worship.” 

Bellows wants the studies to be understandable for all girls, which is why she loves the book they’re focusing on right now. 

“Right now, we’re going through the book of Genesis,” Bellows said. “We try to break it down a lot so it’s easier to understand, we want them to be able to apply what they learn to their life.” 

“We try to come up with new ideas we could do throughout the year to keep things fun, we hope to have some exciting events coming in the future,” Bellows said. 

Bloom said Delight is made to build a good community of women that all love Christ. 

“Delight is to really build community and establish good Christian friendships that women can have all throughout their college career,” Bloom said 

Bloom said one of the hardest parts about starting a women’s ministry club on campus was finding leadership. 

“I wasn’t part of the Delight leadership team the first year but the hardest part about starting this year was having only three leaders but, in the end, it really grew us stronger together,” Bloom said. 

“Some events Delight hosts are having at least two worship nights every semester, community nights or even movie nights just for fun,” Bloom said.