Red Cross Club exceeds goal of donated units


Kathryn Vlaanderen

WSC Students give the gift of life at the blood drive on February 2, 2022.

Jadyn Burenheide, News Writer

The Red Cross Club at Wayne State College exceeded their goal of units donated during their blood drive held Feb. 2 in the Niobrara Room in the Kanter Student Center.

“Our goal was 39 units, and we had exceeded our goal,” Allie Jaixen, a WSC student and program leader for the blood drive, said. “We had 45 units of blood donated, which is 150 lives saved since one person donating saves 3 lives. We also had five people give doubles, which saves six lives.”

People who donated blood also received a $10 e-gift card, which Jaixen said is an incentive for people to donate.

“Usually when we do e-gift cards, it comes from the Red Cross, because they know how hard it is to get kids to donate blood,” Jaixen said. “It is a good incentive to get kids to donate, especially during this time of year because of illness.”

Cole Langmack, a WSC student who volunteers at the blood drives, said it is important to host blood drives on campus for many reasons.

“I believe that it is important to host blood drives on campus to raise awareness about the blood shortage in America,” Langmack said. “The American Red Cross needs blood of all types and are running low on their supplies. Many college students have never donated blood before, and this gives them an opportunity to help save someone’s life.”

Jaixen also said hosting blood drives on campus is helpful because of the convivence for students and faculty.

“I think the big thing is it is convenient,” Jaixen said. “Wayne is a college town, kids who donated live on and off campus, and faculty and staff also know where it is if they want to donate. It also helps show off the campus and shows that we can host things like this.”

There will be more blood drives held on campus this semester, with one being held on Feb. 15, and on April 12 and 13, all from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Frey Conference Room.