President Rames named secretary of the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands

Aubreanna Miller, News Editor

The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands named President of Wayne State College, Marysz Rames as the secretary on their 2022 Board of Directors.

Rames has served as a member of the organization for a little more than a year, bringing a fresh perspective and training to new leaders for the Nonprofit Executive Institute Committee.

NAM acts as a membership organization for nonprofits, serving more than 725 institutions of all sizes within the region of Nebraska and Southwest Iowa, according to Anne Hindery, NAM’s chief executive officer. Their focus is to strengthen the leadership and capacity of nonprofit organizations, which enriches the quality of life throughout the area.

After a year of service, Rames was asked to hold a position on the executive board. The board deliberated and reflected on a lengthy list of candidates before making their selection, Hindery said.

To flourish as an executive officer, Hindery emphasizes the importance of serving as an ambassador for nonprofits, holding an immense passion for one’s community and having a basic understanding of everything from education to health care. All these aspects, Rames has markedly shown in her year of service.

“Her knowledge of education and general higher education, specifically, has been a real asset,” Hindery said. “And then, her knowledge of greater Nebraska outside of the metropolitan area has been really beneficial for us.”

Rames has also increased relations between the organization and community leaders outside of Omaha and Lincoln. Hindery explains that most of the board resides in those big cities. Rames has offered a new viewpoint that helps the company better support all its divisions.

“[I have] an appreciation for the kinds of work that we do in this part of the state,” Rames said. “We’re smaller and our needs are a little bit different when you look at the rural nature of our populations.”

Additionally, Rames has thrived as a member of the Nonprofit Executive Institute Committee. This committee trains leaders within nonprofits to fine tune their work, increase relations and further their reach. She truly sees the importance of networking and connecting people to enhance the goals of these organizations.

Hindery describes the committee as one of the most challenging and time consuming, adding that Rames has dove headfirst into the work, identifying and supporting new leaders.

This experience has added a new level to Rames’ understanding of nonprofits as well as relations within the Wayne State College system.

“It’s good for me, professionally, working with the Wayne State Foundation,” Rames said. “It gives me great new insight and allows me to bring new ideas to the table for our foundation.”

Further, Rames truly believes in the inspirational work of nonprofits. She expresses her gratitude towards engaging with those who passionately make a difference in this region.

This upcoming year, Rames looks forward to meeting with the board in person, rather than over Zoom. The board plans to continue its work on helping organizations function through COVID, support programs that aid in housing and lessen food insecurities, training new leaders and much more.

“We are honored and very pleased that that Dr. Rames is willing to serve on the board,” Hindery said. “It’s been a good partnership. We’re really excited to have her and continue to pick her brain and expertise.”