McKenzie Sheil in Minnesota State Open

Jackson Kelley, News Writer

McKenzie Scheil took second in shot put in Minnesota at the Mark Schuck Open on Jan. 28.

Scheil came in close second to Emma Hurtz of Sioux Falls. She came in second with 14.29 meters according to the Mark Schuck Open and Multi – 1/28/2022 to 1/29/2022 Hosted by Minnesota State Myers Fieldhouse, Mankato, MN Results. Hurtz, an often-seen opponent, got 14.43 meters.

Scheil faced tough competition from Sioux Falls’, Emma Hurtz and Minnesota State’s Katie Taylor. Scheil said that competition has crazy good since COVID, and everyone is getting better.

“The NSIC is a tough division in Shotput,” Scheil said.

Competition is also tough because of the girls at Wayne State College pushing her to be better.

Another challenge Scheil faces is when practicing she must throw into a net and can’t see how far her throw would go. Some of her competition gets to throw live where they can see how far their throw would be. One way Scheil manages her time is by working on homework before leaving for her meets.

Scheil said that scheduling her time and sticking to her schedule helps her not stress. One of her greatest challenges in being a student athlete is managing being a student and an athlete. As a student athlete Scheil must manage going to practice and studying for her classes not to mention having down time to hang with her friends.

Some of the obstacles going forward for Scheil are the fatigue of a long season.

“After a while you get tired of throwing the shot-put ball,.” Scheil said.

The nice part about the long season is Scheil gets to throw hammer when they move to the outdoor season. That gives her a second wind to keep going.