Shot Gun Club event aims for their heart


John Campbell

From left to right, Alex McRae, Sabrina Rife sit waiting for someone to come to their booth

Emily Ames, News Writer

On Monday Feb. 7, the Shot Gun Club started handing out flowers in the Kanter Student Center for their event Aim for Their Hearts.  

Students will be able to purchase flowers for their loved ones from Feb. 7-11. The flowers will then be delivered on Feb. 14 with a delivery fee. The event was created by Haley Long and Sarahi Lopez, two members of the Shot Gun Club. 

“This event is a fundraiser, and we will be selling preserved roses for $10, which are basically roses dipped in a serum so that they can last longer,” Lopez said. “We will also be selling cards for $1. The focus of this event is to raise funds so our members can by ammo. We will also be delivering flowers on Valentine’s Day for a $4 fee to any room on campus.”  

The club will also be accepting Venmo as well as cash payment. This is a first-time event for the shot gun club.  The goal of the fundraiser is to raise enough funds so that their members would be able to participate in one of the four competitions happening this semester, the first one being at the end of February.  

“Ammo is one of the biggest costs for this sport it’s a $1,000 to $1,500 per person yearly, and that’s a lot of money for a college student,” Long said. “So, fundraisers like this and gaining support from fellow peers really mean a lot. Other members of the team who struggle with the cost are able to earn money to put towards the supplies for this sport. We do try to do a lot of fundraising, but the cost never ends.”