SAB Tabling Event

Cory Martinson, News Writer

The Student Activities Board will be hosting tabling events at the Student Center this semester.

The Student Activities Board, also known as SAB, will host some outreach events here at Wayne State College. These events are a wonderful way for SAB members to interact with students and potentially give them the opportunity to join their program.

“Our tabling events serve as outreach for us to spread to word about SAB and invite people to come to our meetings as well as for us to collaborate with other groups on campus if they want,” Regan Ott said.

Their first tabling even will take place at the Student Center Atrium on Feb. 2 from 11-2 p.m.

They will also be giving away water bottles, Ott said. If students can’t make that event, do not worry; they will host a tabling event every other Wednesday.

SAB is also doing a special Valentines Bingo event located in the Frey Suite in the student center. Students can win prizes like a “comfy”, a snack box, romance games, journals, rose shaped soaps and chocolates. On Feb. 16, they will host their second tabling event and they have partnered with MCC to do a Black History Month paint by number giveaway.

Ott also added that along with this main event they also are doing a Not Your Typical Mental Health Talk where they will giveaway planners. Students can also stay informed about these events by following their social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Students are also all welcome to come to their meetings and be a part of the group organization.

Lastly, Ott added for the newcomers who are just joining SAB they have a punch card system where if the student comes to 5 meetings or helps with events then they earn a prize.