SAB hosts Fifty Shades of Green


Infographic from WSC SAB Facebook page

SAB is hosting a new series called Fifty Shades of Green.

Kaylee Koch, News Writers

The Student Activities Board has had a lot of success lately with their new Plant Series, headed by Zaynab Kouatli and Elizabeth Barenberg.

The first event they held was “Pot Painting,” which had no plant pots left at the end. The second installment was making “Chia Pets,” with several creative things such as mushrooms, turtles, and even a cow being made.

The next installment of the series will take place on Feb. 14, in which students will be able to build their own terrariums. SAB will provide all the supplies necessary, offering help and ideas when needed. Succulents and air plants are also planned to be given out at the event to be put in the new homes created by the students. In March, SAB is planning to hold a “Plant Bingo” as well, but the details have not yet been finalized.

When asked about the reasoning behind doing a plant series, Kouatli, the special events coordinator for SAB, said that both Barenberg and they are obsessed with plants, with Kouatli’s collection nearly totaling 50 plants.

Barenberg, the series programmer for SAB, also has quite an extensive collection. The two had been trying to figure out what to do next, reaching the decision to have it be plant-themed. The two already have some great ideas for more events that follow the theme but are always open to new ideas from students.

Students are welcome to share their ideas every Wednesday at the SAB meeting being held at 7:00 p.m. in the Bluestem Room, where all students are welcome. They can even win prizes if they attend several. Students are also able to reach out to Pammy Levinson, the SAB advisor, for ideas on how to be more involved at her email, [email protected].