Professor Spotlight: Mohammad Khan


John Campbell

Mohammad Khan is a new assistant professor in the business and technology department.

Maddie Genoways, News Writer

Last semester, the School of Business and Technology welcomed a new professor, Mohammad Khan, to its staff. Khan joined the college as an assistant professor in the Business and Economics Department.

Khan was hired in December after a previous faculty member moved out of the region. Before coming to Wayne State College, Khan’s education and career experiences took him around the globe. He earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh, and then went on to receive his doctorate in economics at Florida International University in 2020.

“I worked as an economic project manager at Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research in Honolulu, Hawaii,” said Khan. “I also taught several economics and business courses at Miami Dade College and Southwestern University.”

Now Khan shifts his focus to WSC.

“I loved how [the college] focuses on the students’ learning and combines that learning with real-world experiences,” said Khan. “Teaching is a job with a lot of variety, and it is also a way of serving the community…I like the creativity and independence my position offers.”

The Business and Economics Department welcomes its new faculty.

“We are excited to have [Khan] teach in our Economics and International Business areas,” said Business and Economics Department Chair, Jeryl Nelson. “He brings knowledge of econometrics and international experience.”

Although the rapid approach of the spring semester left little time for him to transition into teaching, Khan still has high hopes for himself and his students.

“I am looking forward to trying my best to help my students learn and facilitate the students’ learning process in the classroom,” Kahn said.