Pianist Philip Daniel Stops at WSC on Tour



Philip Daniel Image from Wayne State College website. https://www.wsc.edu/events/event/2423/guest_recital_philip_daniel

Jadyn Burenheide, News Writer

A Lincoln, Nebraska-based pianist, Philip Daniel, is excited to bring his musical talents to Wayne State College as part of his tour to college campuses across the state.

“The performance is to be held on January 27th at 7:30 p.m. in Ley Theatre,” said Dr. Angela Miller-Niles, an associate professor of piano and music department chair at WSC. The concert will also be livestreamed on the WSC website.

Daniel, who earned his bachelor’s in Piano Performance at Hastings College and master’s at the UMKC Conservatory, has released six albums and several EPs. He said that he makes music is that is minimalistic and appealing to listeners.

“My music is piano-based instrumental music that takes inspiration from Philip Glass and others, and I am currently experimenting with electronic music,” said Daniel.

Daniel also said that he is inspired by film scores and the cinematic quality of the music.

Daniel said that he wanted to come to WSC to show people that classical music doesn’t have to be boring and to showcase what he has been working on.

“I reached out to a lot of colleges in the state, and the goal is to take this new fresh classical music and perform it in music schools in high education,” said Daniel. “I went to Hastings College and there wasn’t a lot of fresh music brought to us. My goal is to show students that there is fresh new music out there that is appealing.”

As for his performance, Daniel said that he hopes that people get a lot of out his music and performance.

“I hope it inspires people; I think music is powerful, it makes people feel emotions,” Daniel said. “I hope to evoke emotions, and hopefully make their life a little better.”