WSC Bowling Team

Jackson Kelley, News Writer

The Wayne State College bowling team enters tournaments that are two-day events that take place over a weekend where teams compete in round robin team games on Saturday and individual games on Sundays.

“We play five regular games on Saturdays and 16 Baker’s games of Sundays,” Erika Kline, the bowling coach, said.

A Baker’s game is where five people bowl as one person. It is like running a relay in track. Each team plays each other team and the team with the highest score wins in the end. In a Baker’s game, the best bowler on the team bowls in the number five spot because they will bowl in the 10th frame and potentially bowl three balls instead of two.

For regular games of bowling, they play five games against someone and the top two or three bowlers go head-to-head.

“On Saturdays, six people bowl and whoever is not bowling keeps core for those bowling,” Kline said.

There must be enough bowlers to determine if they will even go to a bowling match.

“We must have at least six bowlers for Saturdays and five bowlers for Sundays,” Kline said.

Because they do not currently have enough bowlers to compete, they may not be able to compete in Hastings.

“Bowling gives me a way to represent the college,” Carter Fernau said.

Fernau has not been to a tournament in college yet but enjoyed his high school bowling experience.

“High school bowling tournaments are pretty exciting,” Fernau said.