Chia Pets and Plant Decorating


Lily Escalante

WSC students make chia pets and decorate plants at a SAB event held Jan. 24, 2022.

Emily Ames, News Writer

SAB held an event on January 24, 2022 where students were able to create Chia Pets and decorate plants. The event was created by Zaynab Kouatli and Elizbeth Barenberg.

The students were given a clump of clay and they were able to make whatever their heart desired. There was anything from dinosaurs to teddy bears seen among the tables.

“We did this part of the series, which is called fifty shades of green, and we decided that it would be really fun for people to make their own chia pets,” Koutali said. “We also wanted to bring out the nostalgia from our childhood.”

Barenberg believed that all of the hard work was worth it.

“Absolutely, I think it is fun to see what people make and what creative ideas that they have,” Barenberg said.

There were many students at the event, all coming for different reasons, but usually coming in pairs.
“I just love plants,” said Sarahi Lopez.

It seemed to be cheers all around the room for the fun idea created by Kouatli and Barenberg, but there was one common complaint.

“I think stuff like this just needs more information because I came in thinking that they were going to hand out chia pets,” said Aidyn Baloun. “I am really glad for my one semester of clay for this event”.

Besides the few complaints that were voiced, it seemed that everyone left the room happy with what they had created.

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