Murder, Mystery, Dinner Party


Photo courtesy of WSC SAB Instagram.

A murder mystery dinner party was organized by the Student Activities Board on Nov. 17.

Nathan Reiland-Smith, News Writer

A murder mystery dinner party was organized by the Student Activities Board on Nov. 17. The event provided great food, laughs and fun as a murder mystery unfolded in front of students, and to end the night, a $40 valued prize left with the student who solved the case.

All students and faculty were invited to the Nov. 17 murder mystery dinner party, by The Dinner Detectives. The dress code was cocktail attire, and the food was free to all students. The attendee who solved the interactive murder mystery was awarded a prize valued at $40.

When students and faculty arrived, they were given a name tag and asked to write a fake name on it to be known as for the rest of the dinner. Attendants sat down at numbered tables as they liked, and got to know the other people sitting with them. As students and faculty were told at the door, and many times after, anyone could be the murderer, even the friends one may have come with.

Two actors came into the room, starting the dinner party and making jokes. The two actresses playing detectives introduced themselves and the mystery attendees will be solving.

“It was very fun, we had a pretty decent turnout as well,” Regan Ott, a SAB student employee, said. “It was kind of nice to play a game of clue in real life.”

Ott explained how the performance could be seen as a little cheesy, but clarified that these were professional performers who were performing to a bunch of college students. The references the actors made and how they interacted with the audience members made for a very current and up to date performance, and an entertaining night.

“Overall, with how they used technology to make clues ready and accessible, it was very handy,” Ott said. “It was a lot of fun.”