Holiday Gala

Amanda Krehbiel, Staff Writer

The “sounds of the season,” WSC professor Dr. Dave Bohnert, Chair of the Department of Music, calls it.

The Annual President’s Holiday Gala showcases the music department, which will put on a show of soloists and small and large ensembles. Audience members will enjoy listening to music, and be able to participate in some sing-alongs.

The event will be held this Sunday, Dec. 7, at 7 p.m. Doors open at 1:30.

Phil Pfaltzgraff is the primary coordinator of the event. He is the staff accompanist at WSC and has quite the load on his shoulders. In addition to establishing the flow of the concert and organizing the program, he accompanies on piano any performances requiring it.

“It’s a 60-72 minute program that’s designed in what we call a collage format,” Pfaltzgraff said. “It’s music all over the room. Music in the balcony, music in the aisles. It’s music popping all over the place.”

Pfaltzgraff listed off nearly 20 performances that will take place that afternoon. Some of the songs include remakes of contemporary songs, and some classics such as Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.”

Conductors include Bohnert, Dr. Abigail Mace, Dr. Karl Kolbeck, Dr. Adam Webb and Dr. Danielle Warner.

“[The Gala] is for anyone who would like to enjoy the sounds of the season,” Bohnert said. While his responsibilities for the Gala involve general oversight, he will also conduct a few of the performing ensembles.

It is open to the campus community, and the parents of the performers have been invited.
“The Holiday Gala is an opportunity to bring together WSC and people from the area to celebrate the holiday season through music,” Bohnert said.

After the performance, attendees are invited to a dessert buffet hosted by WSC President Curt Frey and his wife.

“It’s a happy, happy thing,” Pfaltzgraff said. “I would recommend it.”