“Artists Unanchored” invites WSC to collaborate in artistic exhibit


“Artists Unanchored” is a collection of art created by Chris Hochstettler, Jack Sandeen, and Kristine Allphin. Image from https://www.wsc.edu/events/start/25-12-2021/end/25-12-2021

Zachary Chromy, News Writer

Wayne State College has invited a collaborative artistic exhibit entitled, “Artists Unanchored” to present a journey through the exploration of creativity on November 11.

Artists Unanchored is a collection of art that has been created by Chris Hochstettler, Jack Sandeen and Kristine Allphin. These three artists came together during the COVID period to re-explore creativity in the artistic process.

Kristin Allphin, one of the collaborating artists, said the collection being presented in the Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery includes four large, finished pieces, one piece that is in the process of being created as well as some of the artists’ individual work.

“This project has brought us back to a place of true creativity,” Allphin said. “Sometimes artists can get so caught up in the business aspect of what we do and it hurts our ability to create. This project helped us protect against that.”

According to Allphin, the name of the exhibit, “Artists Unanchored” is essential to understanding the purpose of the project as a whole. Jack Sandeen is credited with the creation of the name.

“That was kind of where the project started. We started without an anchor; without a direction or an agenda,” Allphin said. “We started with no expectations as to where the project would end up. We are just three artists who came together to be creative and express ourselves.”

The trio of artists also stressed that exposure was not the purpose of the exhibit. The project was started as an outlet for the group’s desire to push the limits of their creativity. Each of the artists had their own reason for joining the group.

Allphin’s goal for the exhibit in its time at WSC is to encourage students to think outside the box. The exhibit revolves around the combination of different art forms, specifically art forms that were not supposed to be compatible with each other.

“Every time I look at the pieces, I get inspired in new and fascinating ways,” Allphin said. “I think that I am the most proud of the way this project has inspired others to do what they love.” Allphin’s goal for the project at WSC is that people will create their own experience with the exhibit.

“This group project has fostered a lot of conversations with each other and with other people,” Allphin said. “I’ve become a better artist for it, for the collaboration with these two wonderful people and artists.”

The trio of artists will present their exhibit at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 11 in Gardner Auditorium. The project will remain in the Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery in the Conn Library until Jan. 13, 2022.