Witches of the Silver Willow

MJ Waterhouse, News Writer

The Witches of the Silver Willow is a new club on the Wayne State campus this year. Joe Adams, the Vice President of the new organization, was able to give some insight on the club because he is a founding member.

Witches of the Silver Willow was created because there are several different Christian organizations on campus, and there was a want to create a space to learn about other unique practices in our world.

“Willows is a safe, all-inclusive place to learn about and/or practice witchcraft,” Adams said.

Adams described the typical meeting structure. In a typical meeting the officers of the club explain what the topic for the day is to the members. The officers give the attendees all the information that is needed to safely practice the craft or skill before anyone gets started if they choose to attempt what is being presented to them. The organization prides themselves in being open to knowledge from their members and they encourage asking questions.

Now, of course there are some misconceptions that need to be cleared up about this organization and witchcraft in general.

“There are many different misconceptions about witchcraft [one being] ’Witchcraft is satanic!’ To me, is the most dangerous and most false,” Adams said. “Witches, male, female, and those in-between, are not satanic. Some may belong to the Satanic Temple, but some may be pagan; some are even Christian. Witchcraft does not belong to one religion.”

Students do not have to be a practicing witch to join the club, and do not need to be a witch at all to be welcomed in. No one is required to practice witchcraft at any time during the meeting.

“We’re here to educate people on a practice that is highly stigmatized in America, not convert people to a religion,” Adams said.

As far as activities for the rest of the year, the Witches of the Silver Willow celebrate and meet for the pagan holidays throughout the year. These events are not advertised to those not involved in the club directly for member safety and privacy. If you are interested in joining the club, send an email to [email protected] for the details.