Letter to the Editor

Lauren White, Letter to the Editor

Dear whoever this may concern,

I wanted to write to you to talk about clean energy and environmental activism in Nebraska. I also would love for Wayne State to set a plan for implementing sustainability practices, like Lincoln, UNMC, and UNO. I deeply care about seeing Nebraska invest in clean energy and setting a carbon neutrality goal that reflects the International Panel on Climate Changes recommendations. So far two of Nebraska’s largest public power districts, Omaha, and Lincoln, have already set carbon neutrality goals. The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) has yet to vote on a goal. 

The benefits of addiction tax revenue from wind or solar projects can help farmers make more money. Each year $12 million dollars are being generated from clean energy sources in Nebraska. Our neighbor, Iowa, generated 69.5 million in state and local taxes. Another great way to invest in our own state is to have more clean energy projects, this way we aren’t sending our tax dollars to Wyoming for coal transportation for dirty energy. It is also very cost effective, wind power can cost as little as $26/MWh, compared to coal $34MWh to run a coal powered plant. The NPPD could cut its emissions by 90% without additional expense to ratepayers. Jobs are greatly important and clean energy creates great opportunities and good paying jobs in rural communities.

There are currently 3,000 jobs now in renewable energy in Nebraska. Working in a coal factory or even living near one can cause cancer, lung damage, stroke, heart attacks or early death. The effects fossil fuels have on the environment are becoming more and more obvious. My generation is anxious about the long-term effects on the environment that we are witnessing now. We want to have a plan to prevent more damage from hurting people and the planet. Investing in clean energy is cost effective, best for the environment, creates jobs, and would help us invest in our local and state economy. 

If anyone in the Wayne community wants to be an environmental advocate, I encourage you to reach out to the Nebraska Public Power District board members before Nov. The Wayne Green Team and our student Green Team are hosting an advocacy clean energy event Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Elkhorn room in the student center. All who are interested are welcome to attend to help. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Lauren White